Интерактивное ТВ

Interactive TV

In our age of information technology, the TV has long ceased to be an ordinary box with a screen stuffed with various radio components and receiving a signal from the ether. With the advent of the Internet and its development, new opportunities to transmit visual information have become available, and along with digital technologies, a new generation of smart TVs has appeared, which can work with receiving information via cable networks or the Internet. This has greatly expanded the capabilities of a conventional TV, which now allows you not only to receive the image and sound of a TV signal, but also to read a TV program, listen to the radio, display various text information on the screen, such as news, and so on and so on. The era of interactive TV has come.

Interactive TV is divided into technologies – IPTV, OTT and Internet TV, which in all variants is the delivery of content to the end user. The difference between IPTV, OTT and Internet TV is not significant for the user and often on various forums or in social networks all this is mixed into one pile, But the difference still exists, in technical terms.

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television, IP-TV, IP-TV) is a standard for digital TV in IP data transmission networks, used mainly by digital cable TV operators and Internet providers, with guaranteed QoS.

OTT (over the Top) – delivery of a video signal from a content provider to users ′ devices, such as Smart TVs, smartphones, set-top boxes, receivers, and so on. This type of content delivery takes place directly, over the HTTP Protocol, via the same Internet provider, but without its participation and IP control.

Internet TV or on-line TV is a system based on two-way digital transmission of a television signal over an Internet connection via a broadband connection. It should not be confused with IPTV. This applies to such types of television as torrent TV with the transfer of digital information over the P2P network and the exchange of traffic between users. A striking example of Internet television is the ability to watch TV channels through Ace Stream software, when one user distributes a TV channel or some other video content, and other Network users help each other to get it in the same quality and very quickly, without various restrictions from content providers, since traffic is exchanged directly between users ′ devices.

When using interactive TV, the viewer can receive TV content with advanced features. This allows you to record broadcasts, view archives of TV shows, rewind the broadcast a little bit, for example, to view an interesting moment of a movie or football match several times, pause the broadcast, and much more.

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